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Meet Me In The Meadow

The Silver Lake Meadow area is prone to winds, making it a *perfrect* place to fly a kite.

It’s Easter Sunday in Los Angeles. After my music duties at St. Eugene Church near Inglewood, I met up with my parents and brothers for brunch at Home in Silver Lake afterward. My mom wanted to go to a place where we can take some pictures, so I brought everyone to Elysian Park – which was extremely full today – and on to the Grace Simons Lodge.  Not knowing, until we got there, that it was closed.

So on to Plan B, which was a quick dash back to Silver Lake and up the hill to the brand spankin’ new Silver Lake Meadow park, which just got its ribbon cut but a couple weeks ago. A beautiful 3-plus-acres of parkland along the northeastern shore of Silver Lake Reservoir. Most obvious were the incessant winds, which were to the advantage of several people who went there to fly kites. A few families and couples picked spots on the flat grass field to have a picnic. One girl even walked through the park’s path with a bubble hoop and had the wind blow bubbles accross the park. I even spotted some native plants on the grounds like ceanothus and a few irises in bloom. Way cool.

Children go Easter egg huntin at Silver Lake Meadow for the very first time.

The coolest sight of all was seeing a group of children going Easter egg hunting on the eastern edge of the park, where there was a garden area. This was the inaugural Easter egg hunt in the Meadow, perhaps the start of an eventual yearly tradition at this park.

The park was a 15-year journey fielded largely by Eric Garcetti’s office that was at times controversial, with the local NIMBY-types fearing parking doomsday with the sight of people intruding on “their” gang turf. As one of these dreaded “outsiders,” even on a day like today, there was no shortage of parking, and the sheer beauty of the day was worth way more than the $1 million in City and State funds that were garnered to build the park.

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