The No Facebook Experiment : Day 2

No Facebook For A Week: Day 2: Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Text Contacts with FB Friends: 3
Email Contacts with FB Friends: 3
Telephone Contacts with FB Friends: 2
In-Person Contacts with FB Friends: 3

The experiment continues…Still feel some isolation, but it’s not such a big deal.  Received a text from one of my band members, and an email from another, informing me of a drummer he knew who could do our Lotus Festival gig. Drummer search resolved. Gave the drummer a call and had a chat with him.

Later on in the afternoon, did some bank deposit errands at the ATM and attended the first meeting of the EHNC’s new IT Committee; we met at the Film Entity office and we discussed the changes to the website and I showed the other members – all new EHNC governing board members (and all of them FB friends) – the EHNC’s Twitter, Flickr and YouTube pages.

Spent the evening watching the Dodger-Giant game on TV, and made a short tweet about the College World Series. This was my first tweet since Sunday night. Though I did not plan to stay out of Twitter,  my Twitter statuses usually doubles as Facebook updates. However, with no Facebook audience, my tweets only went to my modest follower audience (just over 300 people) and  the rest of the Twittersphere. My single Tweet on Tuesday night did not illicit a response.

Only two days out of Facebook and I’m starting to realize my presence is largely out of people’s social networking consciousness.

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