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Pitbull Attack In Morningside Circle

I currently work part-time as a musician, playing in various churches around Los Angeles. On Sunday, I played piano for the gospel choir at St. Eugene’s church in Morningside Circle – a community in Los Angeles right at the border of Inglewood, by Van Ness and 96th Street.

Everything went well on Sunday after the 10 a.m. Mass and the parishoners were happily socializing as usual when it was done. As I was about to leave the parking lot in my car, At about 11:35 a.m., I passed an apparently stray dog sniffing around on the grass just outside the church parking lot’s back entrance on Haas Avenue. Heading out the driveway, I looked in my rear view mirror at the dog, who wandered into the parking lot, and a few seconds later I heard screaming by a woman and two children. So I backed up into the lot and found the dog biting the woman on her legs and arms. Several parishoners ran in and started kicking the dog, some beating it with sticks and golf clubs, and a couple neighbors ran in with baseball bats – (one of them even wearing a baseball uniform and no shoes, presumably just coming home after a game in the park). I was still in my car and all I could really do is honk my horn to try to distract the dog and make a 911 call. It was an extremely horrible scene.Even the normally-stoic 911 operator interjected a deep, sighing breath and a, “My my my…” of pity in between his instructions.
The LAPD came and several minutes later two fire department ambulances arrived. The dog, by then beaten, was subdued by the bushes, near where I fist spotted it and one of the police officers drew a shotgun at he dog. If the dog started to get up and attack, they would shoot it, but they watched over it, and later secured it with a rope, until Animal Control arrived.

The victim was Kishna Holloway, age 50, who apparently suffered numerous bites to her legs, arms (pieces of flesh were chewed out of her arm) and a small bite on her neck. Her young daughter suffered a couple small bites herself. It was dreadful, but miraculously, there was very little actual blood shed at the scene. It doesn’t look like her injuries would be life-threatening.

I don’t know Ms. Holloway personally, her name only came up when I talked to other parishoners in the parking lot. This was one of the most horrible things I’ve ever seen, especially after attending church. Even I’m very traumatized by this. I’ve had trouble sleeping and can’t seem to stop replaying in my head the incident and wonder how I could have better helped out in the situation.

Prayers go out to her and and her daughter for complete recovery without complications from this tragic incident!

If you – God forbid – are ever in an incident with a pit bull, check out this site on what to do:

Some excerpts:

1. Projectiles and Sprays. The first piece of advice is also the most commonly effective. Pepper sprays are easily carried and can be sprayed in the eyes of an attacking dog. Furthermore, although it is lethal, there is no disputing the effectiveness of using handguns. Just be mindful of the possible legal recourse against you – make sure you weren’t trespassing on someone’s property when using the weapon and that you are properly licensed.

2. Distancing tools. More common than pepper spray is something of a stick variety. By that I mean a cane, walking stick, umbrella, etc. These long objects can be used to thrust, swing, and distract the bite of a dog. Very valuable and easily carried.

3. Unarmed combat. It won’t be pretty, but there are unarmed options for handling a pit bull. When striking the animal, aim for the nose, eyes, and ears. These are all very sensitive and could help to disorient the animal. On long snouted dogs you have the option of clamping the mouth shut with your hands, but that is a bit more difficult on pitbulls. If possible and necessary, dogs can be grappled from behind and put into a standard choke hold – one arm cinched tightly under the neck with the other compressing the lock inward. one final method of attack is grabbing the legs of the animal and pulling them apart abruptly, breaking the knees.

4. Nonessential bites. If things are happening too quickly for intelligent self defense, try to give the animal a non-essential bite. Give your non-dominant arm in the hopes of using your good arm to perform soft-spot striking.

5. Playing dead. If you feel you simply have no method of defending yourself against the animal, curl into the fetal position and play dead. Attempt to protect your vitals like your throat and hope the pit bull becomes uninterested in a non-combative prey.

I’ve also heard that – if possible, jab your clenched fist sideways into the dog’s mouth and quickly rotate it 90 degrees. It would lock its mouth open and it won’t be able to shut it and bite down.

Here’s another resource on surviving pitbull (or any violent dog) attacks: http://sedetect.com/dog-attack-escape.html

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