2010 was not a great year for me as far as parking tickets. I had gotten three the entire year (a record; especially for someone who doesn’t drive every day), including the notorious ArtWalk tow-away ticket back in August. The third and last ticket of 2010 was gotten on the day before my birthday, right at Hel-Mel, where I usually bike to, though I was in my car since I was showing a visiting friend of mine around town. Because of my stubborn insistence to pay by credit card (but not online or by phone, since they charge you a stupid “convenience fee”), at the last possible minute (you are mailed a letter giving you the absolute due date after the 21-day period before your ticket doubles), at a Los Angeles City Department of Transportation Parking Violations Bureau pay center, I went to their Mid-Wilshire office for the third time in 6 months to pay off this damn $55. Maybe because it was the first working day of 2011, the wait was much longer than my previous visits here. But oh well. I hope that this year, I won’t have to come here again.

I hope you’re happy, City of Los Angeles. Now keep Barnsdall Park City-run. KTHXBAI.

Afterward, to end the story on a happy note, a nice Caramel Macchiato at the nearby Tully’s Coffee made the parking ticket experience go away fast. Ahhh.

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