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Pitbull Attack Update: Hallelujah!

I returned to St. Eugene’s church to play piano for the gospel choir. Surely there were prayers said for Ms. Holloway, who was attacked by a stray pitbull dog last Sunday, but the miracle came at the end: During the announcements at the end of Mass, Kishna Holloway got up and thanked the parishoners for their help during her ordeal, from subduing the dog to their prayers to their phonecalls. “Most of all,” she exclaimed to the congregation, “I thank God that I’m alive today!”

As someone who witnessed the ordeal firsthand, and was haunted with recollections and “what-ifs” of the attack, and prayed for her recovery, her testimony brought tears to my eyes, as well as many others in the church.

I approached her at the end, as everyone else in the church did, and mentioned how I saw the dog on my way out and that I was one of the people who called 911. She thanked me with a grateful embrace. She seems to be a very strong woman, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually. She was in very good spirits and aside from her bandaged left arm and slight hobble when she walked, you couldn’t tell she was brutally attacked by an animal a week ago. I even told her it was a miracle she’s even up and about speaking to us today.

She told me she suffered bites on her arm, legs, back and even ear. She was sent to Kaiser Permanente West LA Medical Center, and treated and released the same day, although she had to return for outpatient surgery to put stitches for her outer ear injuries. Her daughter was fortunately only scratched by the dog, and was in good spirits herself. On this day, her only worries was whether the family would be going shopping at Target after church! Best of all, Kishna said that they both tested negative for rabies, which was a huge relief for her.

As for the dog, it was sent to Animal Services. She didn’t yet know whether the owner had been identified, only at that point she said she had to call back and follow up with them. “You know how that is,” she said, commenting on City department bureaucracy.

The outpouring of love from the community sort of tilted the incident to a different perspective. What started out as something extremely violent and ugly had resolved into something wonderful. The parishoners had gained a friend, and this formerly-anonymous-to-most person had gained several. The community seemed to become closer because of it.

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