Do You Love East Hollywood?

Showin' some love for the community.

Tonight at the EHNC’s Outreach Committee, I brought up an idea to have “I [heart] East Hollywood” bumper stickers made as a way to stimulate community pride and promote the neighborhood council. After all, today was Valentine’s Day, and what an appropriate way to express one’s love for one’s community (corny, I know, but hey…).

I was inspired by discovering “I [heart] Atwater Village” bumper stickers that were given away at their Centennial street festival last year. Right away, I thought, “Why can’t we have these in our neighborhood?” but then realized that we already have the resources to do this. After all, though I like Atwater Village, I how can I drive around with an “I [heart]” sticker on the back of my car that doesn’t refer to my native community? I mean, gotta represent!

This is what inspired us.

So last week I cooked up the image file in Photoshop and put it on the Outreach Committee agenda. They are similar to the Atwater Village version, save for the EHNC-branded Trebauchet font and naming the geographically-appropriate community and neighborhood council. Also, ours are slightly bigger, at 12 inches across and 3 inches high, I got a quote from Lacey Art Service (our local print shop for Outreach materials), which was $399 for 1,000 stickers, and $499 for 2,500. The committee unanimously voted to go for the 2,500.

This goes to the EHNC Governing Board on the 28th. Can’t wait to see people drive around with these on their cars!

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