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The No Facebook Experiment : Day 3

No Facebook For A Week: Day 3: Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Text Contacts with FB Friends: 2
Email Contacts with FB Friends: 4
Telephone Contacts with FB Friends: 1
In-Person Contacts with FB Friends: 0

Beginning to feel more of the effects of social isolationWent out today for my chiropractor visit in Atwater Village, took a little walk around the neighborhood there. Went to the farmer’s market at Barnsdall Park for some strawberries. Got some emails though much of the communication was in the form of announcements. Did get some more productivity in the form of cleaning out some old papers/magazines from my room, and tending to some of my music by mixing some tunes.Speaking of music, I got two gig offers today, but they were both by people who aren’t on Facebook, so that really has little bearing on this experiment. I also discovered the joys of enhancing snare drum sounds by mixing in some white noise. I also signed up on Soundclick.com, (a bit overdue, no?) created an account for my band and uploaded an acoustic mix of one of the tunes I’ve been working on. Hooray for productivity!

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