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The No Facebook Experiment : Day 6

No Facebook For A Week: Day 6: Saturday, July 3, 2010

Text Contacts with FB Friends: 2
Email Contacts with FB Friends: 2
Telephone Contacts with FB Friends: 1
In-Person Contacts with FB Friends: 1

Jumped right out of bed and did some gardening. The Cahuenga Library Botanical Gardens group had our monthly “mini-cleanup” at the Library this morning – as we usually do on the First Saturday of the Month.

Maybe because it was a holiday weekend, but I didn’t see anyone show up at 10, despite sending out a mass email on Thursday, so I stuck to my word and watered the plants all by myself (My big community pet peeve – when people don’t show up/follow through, I have to do everything). Fortunately, we did have some more volunteers. Local East Hollywood residents Damon and Guia Woods reported for duty and offered to pick up trash on the Library grounds. Heather Sabin, who was here at last month’s mini-cleanup came later on but proceeded to remove weeds and do some more watering.

All three were there on Big Sunday, two months ago, so they knew what needed to be done. The four of us got a lot done – All the trash was picked up, the front steps sweeped of leaves and trash, weeds and dead leaves removed. Great job, everyone! Our next mini-cleanup will be on Saturday, August 7.

Having biked the past two evenings and now having done a lot of manual labor, I either chilled or napped the rest of the day. I even watched TV, of all things, which I don’t normally do (Dodger games being the exception). The 2004 Fat Albert movie was on Channel 13. Since I had no intention of renting the DVD, much less seeing it in the theatre, I had nothing to lose here. But hey, it was fun as a poorly-made movie can be. As a kid who grew up on the original Fat Albert cartoons on Saturday mornings, it was kind of a shame that 30 years later, they couldn’t make something that’s anything more than a parody. And a movie made over 5 years ago is already dated, even with the contemporary treatment. I was surprised though that Omarion actually played the antagonist in the film (I will be praying for him).But again, nothing to lose.

Later on, I headed to the Home Depot to get some supplies for the model railroad layout.

What were my other friends up to? I don’t know! With Twitter being my only window into the Social Networking world, I couldn’t see much. Ever since joining FB in 2008, I’d been on pretty much every day. Even when I went to Australia last year, logging in was part of my daily ritual, and also a way to connect with my world Back Home. And even though I didn’t have mobile access 100% of the time, my Twitter updates got copied into my Facebook statuses.I’ve had some friends give up Facebook for Lent, or made a “Facebook Fast,” or went on the down-low for various reasons, but on my end, unless I had a specific reason to communicate with them, they’re pretty much off the radar. So being as I’ve been out of the FB Matrix for six days, I’m sure I’ve been off the radar for a large majority of my nearly-800 friends. I somehow doubt even a small percentage of them know I’m doing this on purpose. Though those that do know, have never given me a word of discouragement, nor have they tried to force me off of the experiment, even jokingly.

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