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Torrid Tale Of The Towed: The Epilogue

Today was the final day of paying that $80 parking ticket I got back when my car got towed on the night of August 12 in Downtown L.A. Surely, I had the option to pay online, or by phone, but there was a $2 “Convenience Fee” for making such a transaction via credit card. That’s funny, because when I pay my cell phone bill online or via phone, AT&T doesn’t bugger me with some bogus $2 fee. I’m paying $80 for the parking ticket and not $82! Screw that!

So I rode down to Wilshire Blvd. in the City’s Parking Violations Bureau’s payment office.

The actual process was rather painless. I took a number, and within just a couple minutes they called my number. A young woman processed my payment (Credit card, suckas! I ain’t got no money right now!) and was actually really cool, professional and courteous. The process was done. The dastardly ticket has been paid.

There was a comment card and I filled it out on the spot. It asked me what I thought of the payment center and the staff based on my experience. I gave them all high marks. As for the department, heh heh. I wrote a little diatribe regarding the $2 “Convenience Fee.” I basically told them it was 2010 and they had to get with it.

So now the City is $80 richer. I hope they keep some libraries open with some of that.

Anyway, ordeal over. The end.

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