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I Voted

I voted today. No, that's not me voting, but you get the picture.

Unlike some candidates, I actually vote in all of the elections (okay, so I probably missed some obscure special election for the State Board of Equalization several years ago) and have obligated my duty to do so as an Angeleno, Californian and American ever since 1990, when I became of age. Today I voted at Lexington Avenue Primary Center,  my polling place for Precinct 80059A. Polling activity was light, although I had only done so in the afternoon.

The entrance to our polling place. This does not bode well for democracy.

The school is a modern LAUSD school campus, serving grades K-2. The campus itself looks nice, but the entrance to the polling place, which is the school’s multipurpose room. Instead of having voters enter through the multipurpose room’s main entrance, we were fed through the back entrance off of the Lyman Place alley. A fairly blighted alley where a dead body was found sometime last year (it was discovered that the victim was murdered somewhere else and dumped here, but still…). We need to make our communities safe and clean, but unattractive entrances to polling places doesn’t help with the participatory process. Oh well.

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