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A Great Evening At The Streetsblog Fundraiser

It was a perfect, warm Friday spring evening at last night’s Streetsblog Los Angeles fundraiser at Eco-Village near Koreatown. I was in the company of many familiar faces in the bicycling/transit/sustainability community and even put faces to familiar names I’ve encountered in the online world.

Last weekend’s CicLAvia was the big talk of the evening, and many folks who organized the event were present (several of them are current or former Eco-Village residents). There was a short film shown on the event (which I thought, further edited would make a perfect public service announcement). The CicLAvia organizers even received a “Streetsie” award for their work, which hands down was the transportation story of the year.

From L to R, CicLAvia's Joe Linton, Streetsblog's Damien Newton and CicLAvia's Bobby Gadda, Stephen Villavaso and Colleen Corcoran accept their Streetsie award from Newton.

I also met Colleen Corcoran, who was mainly responsible for designing the awesome CicLAvia logo, branding and signage seen throughout the route. I gave her much props for something so relatively simple, yet so classy. I even asked her (geek mode) what font was used for the “CicLAvia” logo typeface. Her reply: “American Typewriter.” So there you go, trivia hounds.

As mentioned earlier, this was my rare opportunity to cross my music and community worlds; I was one of the live musical performers for the evening (Telematique, comprised of my friends Somerset Waters and Aurisha Smolarski, was the other act), and played and sang some choice pop/soul tunes with a social-consciousness bent to it. Here I am doin’ mah thang (courtesy of Mikey Wally’s blog):
I felt a little awkward driving to Eco-Village in my car (of course, I had a guitar and keyboard in tow), but didn’t catch any flack for that, heh. Technically this was my first live performance of the year, so I guess I haven’t been active that much in my own musical endeavors lately. But overall, a cool event with some cool people.


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