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Ouch. The Bike Accident.

On my way home from the Glendale Bicyclist and Pedestrian Count, just yards after passing under the Sunset Bridge on the Myra Avenue  bike lane in Silver Lake, I got into a minor bike accident.

Basically, I hit some rough pavement, lost control and flet towards the curb, hitting my nose on the exposed root of a tree.


Using the above picture as a diagram, this is the painful play-by-play:

1. Rode my bike over large crack in pavement, presumably during a moment when I was not in full control of the handlebars.

2. Bicycle veered towards the right.

3. Front wheel hits curb, I fly off the right side of the bike.

4. Gliding in an angle towards the ground, I land in the dirt parkway and my nose hits the exposed tree root. A small cracking sound is heard.

My first thought, “Oh !@#$% – did I break my nose?” I instinctively blew my nose, and light traces of blood came out, but much of the bleeding was external. Yes, I wore my helmet but the helmet did not concern the point of impact. I turned towards my bike and discovered not only had the chain been dislodged from the gears, but the handlebars became twisted nearly 90 degrees — the bike was basically unrideable.

I walked the nearly one mile distance home, holding a paper napkin to my nose to stop any bleeding, in the hundred-degree heat. It was my only option.

I guess my nose wasn’t broken but it certainly became bruised. Although the hot day made my nose sunburned and it probably looked worse than it actually was. Good thing I was wearing a backpack – backwards (with the backpack covering my chest). I had no pain in my chest or abdomen area despite landing belly-down on the ground. The backpack likely absorbed the fall.

I will say that in all of the bicycle accidents in my life (one was serious enough to warrant a hospital visit with a minor brain hemorrhage as a teen), thank God none of them involved a motor vehicle.

Guess it’s time to rest a bit and put on a cold pack on my nose. But I’m mostly okay.

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